Air Conditioning Systems That Heat Your Home

Herts Air Conditioning install Air Conditioning Systems That Heat Your Home, as well as cool them.

Air Conditioning Systems Used For Heat and Blowing Warm Air

The majority of people are still unaware that air conditioning systems can be used for heating as well as cooling. They are a great system for circulating warm air during the colder months of the year, like now.

Offering complete climate control all year round, your home will always be at a comfortable temperature. Once set to your desired temperature, it will automatically adjust to ensure a stable environment for your home.

If you visit our Client Gallary page you will read the following story about a customer who called Herts Air Conditioning regarding offering a heating solution for one room of there house.

Air conditioning systems also consume less energy compared to standard gas central heating and they are continually improving in energy efficiency. Of course, there will be set up costs however these quickly cover themselves and you will soon be saving money on your energy bills for years to come. Air conditioning systems are the most affordable and economical heating solution for your home.

Set to Cool or Warm

Our prices start from just £920 for a 2.5kw system and with continuous rising energy costs, homeowners will make significant savings by using their new air conditioning system to heat their homes.

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