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Social Media

Social Media – A powerful tool to keep in touch with you

herts air conditioning on social media

Do you follow Herts Air Conditioning on Social Media?. Herts Air Conditioning pride ourselves on the work we do.. We ensure that all our customers are highly impressed with their install or servicing/repair work and we always ensure the end result is a picturesque moment. That’s why we like taking pictures of our work and broadcasting them to you.

That’s why we want to be seen as highly active on such Social Media channels as Facebook and Instagram. These channels give us the opportunity to keep in touch with you, whether you’re an existing customer or you’re looking into using Herts Air Conditioning for your Air Conditioning needs.

We don’t just want to bombard you with nice looking pictures of our installs. On these Social Media channels we will also be keeping you updated with any leading news regarding air ventilation (its not all boring), we’ll be letting you know about new products, we will also keep you updated on any offers, and there will also be the occasional funny meme or picture as well.

250 Facebike Likes on Our Social Media Channel

We recently celebrated getting to the milestone of 250 Facebook likes. For a small business this is massive and we want to thank each and every one of our followers for there continued support. But, we don’t want to stop there. At this current time (Friday 17th April, 10:00am) we are now on 270 likes but we want to get to 500 likes as quickly as we can. There’s a couple of ways you can help us to achieve this. If you are not following Herts Air Conditioning, we would appreciate if you could complete the next 2 stages (they dont take long). If you already like Herts Air Conditioning, advance straight to stage 2.

Stage 1 (for non-followers of Herts Air Conditioning)

  • Hit the LIKE button

Stage 2 (for everyone)

  • Click the community tab on our Facebook Page
  • Click invite friends – invite all your friends to like Herts Air Conditioning

Told you it wouldn’t take long 🙂

You can access our Facebook page by clicking here

You can access our Instagram page by clicking here – Please follow us on here as well please. We currently have 89 followers, lets get to 250 followers as quickly as we can.

Remember we can currently give you a price via Facetime and WhatsApp

By using modern technology, we feel we can still do the same using video surveys that what we could do if we visited. So we will be using the following apps to conduct our site surveys while were all in lockdown: Facetime, WhatApp and Zoom.

We understand these are difficult times so if you have any questions, please contact us or feel free to drop an email to sales@hertsaircon.co.uk

With our domestic 2.5kw air conditioning systems starting from just £920, you can heat/cool your home for a lot less than you think.

Thank you for reading this and for your continued support during these difficult times. We will all come out fighting once this passes.

Stay Safe

Herts Air Conditioning