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Lockdown – A Couple of Challenges For You All

Herts Air Conditioning totally understands how difficult and challenging it is for everyone while in lockdown. While the guidelines from the government are there for us to stay indoors to stop the spread of Coronavirus to keep us all safe, it can and will be challenging for us all mentally. So to help, we have issued a number of challenges below that you can complete:

Herts Air Conditioning – Rainbow Coloring Competition

I know the rainbow coloring in has been done, but lets add a rainbow to an existing picture. So we have designed the following picture below for you to print out and get your kids to color in at home. All your children need to do is to color in the picture, add there own colored rainbow in the sky and then put up in your windows.

(If you don’t have a printer, then get your child/children to draw there own picture. As long as it contains our company name and a rainbow we’re happy to accept it into our competition below)

Lockdown Coloring In Competition

Once this is colored in and in your window. Take a picture and message Herts Air Conditioning via Facebook messenger and we will enter it into a competition to win your child an activity pack. This competition is open to anyone. The only stipulation is you must like our Facebook page (link below).

Read a Book – Send us your review

Lets go old school with this one. This challenge is open to children and adults. All we ask you to do is to read a book. Try and make it a book you haven’t read before. Once you’ve finished, let us know by sending us a message with your review. We will then post them onto our social media pages.


Get your children to write a story

Lets dive into your child’s imagination. Below were going to give you an idea for a story. We want you to get your child/children to finish it off. There’s no rules apart from you follow the text below.

“The main character is your child’s name. Lockdown has been lifted, and while tidying up toys in the attic you find 3 magical doors. Door 1 leads to Outer Space, Door 2 leads to an Under the Sea magical world, and Door 3 leads to Land of Dinosaurs. Your child can only pick 1 door and once transported to their chosen area, must find the magical globe to be able to transport themselves back home”.

Once completed message us and we will arrange a way of getting a copy either emailed to us or posted. We will then post these on our social media pages.

Lockdown - Write a Book

Like Us On Facebook 

We recently celebrated getting to the milestone of 250 Facebook likes. For a small business this is massive and we want to thank each and every one of our followers for there continued support. But, we don’t want to stop there. At this current time (Friday 22nd April, 10:00am) we are now on 297 likes but we want to get to 500 likes as quickly as we can. There’s a couple of ways you can help us to achieve this. If you are not following Herts Air Conditioning, we would appreciate if you could complete the next 2 stages (they don’t take long). If you already like Herts Air Conditioning, advance straight to stage 2.

Stage 1 (for non-followers of Herts Air Conditioning)

  • Hit the LIKE button

Stage 2 (for everyone)

  • Click the community tab on our Facebook Page
  • Click invite friends – invite all your friends to like Herts Air Conditioning

Told you it wouldn’t take long 🙂

You can access our Facebook page by clicking here

You can access our Instagram page by clicking here – Please follow us on here as well please. We currently have 89 followers, lets get to 250 followers as quickly as we can.

Remember we can currently give you a price via Facetime and WhatsApp

By using modern technology, we feel we can still do the same using video surveys that what we could do if we visited. So we will be using the following apps to conduct our site surveys while were all in lockdown: Facetime, WhatApp and Zoom.

We understand these are difficult times so if you have any questions, please contact us or feel free to drop an email to sales@hertsaircon.co.uk

With our domestic 2.5kw air conditioning systems starting from just £920, you can heat/cool your home for a lot less than you think.

Thank you for reading this and for your continued support during these difficult times. We will all come out fighting once this passes.

Stay Safe

Herts Air Conditioning