How Does Air Conditioning Work?

One question Herts Air Conditioning get asked regularly is How Does Air Conditioning Actually Work? Its all too easy for us to say that Air Conditioning units keep you and your room cool during the warmer months or keep you and your room warm during the warmer months. But we feel that we should write this blog to go into more detail on how this is done.

How does an AC unit work?

An air conditioning (AC) unit, whether its in a house, an office, or in a car works by collecting hot air from a given space. The air conditioning then processes this hot air to release cool air into the same space that the warm air was original collected from. This process is primarily done by using five components.

1 - Evaporator

inside unitjpg

The evaporator is basically a heat exchanger coil that's responsible for absorbing heat from inside a room through a refrigerant that then evaporates to become a gas.

2 - Compressor

As the name signifies, this is where compression of the gaseous refrigerant occurs. This part of the air conditioning process is located in the outside unit.

3 - Condenser

The condenser receiver the vaporized refrigerant from the compressor and converts it back to liquid and expels the heat outside. This part is also located in the outside unit.

4 - Refrigerant

The most common refrigerant gases used in air conditioning systems include hydrofluorcarbons or HFC's like R-410A, hydrochlorofluorocarbons or HCFC's such as R-22 or the most recent R-32, or hydrocarbons like R-290 and R-600A. It is these gases that actually absorb the heat from the room and then travels to the next component of the air conditioning process which is....

5 - Expansion Valve

Also referred to as the throttling device, the expansion valve is located between the two sets of coils (the chilled coils of the evaporator and the hot coils of the condenser). It keeps tabs on the amount of refrigerant moving towards the evaporator

when the air conditioning kicks injpg

So this in a nutshell is how air conditioning works in a little more detail. In order to walk into a room and feel like our little friend in the picture above. Call Herts Air Conditioning to arrange a free, no obligation site survey so we can discuss air conditioning options and prices. 

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