Autumn is here - What to do with your Air Conditioning System

Unfortunately guys, Autumn is here. Which now means we are on a countdown to Winter and colder and more extreme weather conditions. Some people think that they can now leave there Air Con unit until the warmer seasons and do nothing to it for the next couple of months. How wrong are these people!!!

Now is the perfect time to think about getting your Air Conditioning System serviced by Herts Air Conditioning. As trees start to shed their leaves and the winds pick up, leaves and other materials can soon start to gather around your outdoor units causing blockages and failures that can be expensive to repair and can cause your Air Conditioning System to run inefficiently. If these leaves and are not dealt with, as they get damp they can cause mould and mildew to build up potentially clogging up your condenser coil. Again, this will lead to an expensive repair at a latter date.

During the summer months you want to ensure your air conditioning systems are 100% operational so they work as they should, to keep you cool during the warmer months of the year. This should be exactly the same during the colder months. You should want your Air Conditioning Systems to be 100% operational so they keep you warm during the colder months of the year.

To get your Air Conditioning Systems serviced this Autumn and Winter, call Herts Air Conditioning today on 01438 986008