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Air Conditioning For My Business

Air Conditioning For My Business – What Are The Benefits?

Herts Air Conditioning has listed out the top benefits that all you business owners should be asking yourself, “What are the benefits of installing air conditioning for my business?”

Please feel free to let us know if you can think of some of your own that we can add to the list.

Energy Efficient

Benefit of air conditioning for your business is energy efficient

As technology evolves, so does air conditioning systems. The latest technology used in making all air conditioning systems are making them more energy-efficient than ever before. So if you currently have a single split system in one room or a much larger heat recovery VRF system, we can help you become more energy efficient by minimising the energy you use which leads to reducing utility costs and your carbon footprint.

Controllable Comfort

The biggest benefit of air conditioning is that it will maintain a comfortable and consistent temperature in your workplace all year round. We touched upon this in a recent post, Air Conditioning Systems that Heat Your Home. The large majority of consumers are still unaware that these systems can be used to warm your business meaning they can be used during the colder months of the year.

You can very simply set your ideal temperature and your air conditioning system will ensure that your workplace is set to that temperature. This will enable your employees to keep on working regardless of the temperature outside.

Reduces Humidity

As well as cooling and heating, another feature that today’s air conditioning systems have is to reduce the humidity in the air. We all know that some employees will always find something to moan about in the office. Increased humidity will lead to employees and customers feeling hot and sticky. Today’s air conditioning systems simply remove the excess moisture from the air, thus improving the humidity levels, thus improving your employee’s productivity.

Improves Air Quality

Benefit of air conditioning for your business is improving air quality

Your office, unfortunately, can be a breeding ground for coughs and colds. Air conditioning systems contain different filters that help by purifying the air you breathe, they reduce the number of dust and bacteria particles, odors and allergen particles in the air. You and your staff will benefit from clean and filtered air which is particularly important for those who suffer from allergies and/or respiratory problems.

Silent Operation

From different office spaces to retail environments and even busy factories where communication is key to your business operating. The silent operation of air conditioning systems won’t have an impact on your daily operations. Even when systems are working flat out when the outside conditions are at their most extreme, you and your staff will still remain undisturbed.

Protects Business Critical Equipment

Benefit of air conditioning for your business is protecting your business equipment

We’ve spoken already about how air conditioning benefits the workforce within your business. But did you know that your office equipment will also benefit as well? What would happen if a computer server overheated and shut down? How much stress and money would that cost you to replace? What if you lost important files, how would this impact your business? By setting a controlled temperature in your workplace you can remove any excess heat from the air in your workplace not only benefiting your workforce but valuable equipment too.

Improve Productivity

A recent survey by teams from Havard and Syracuse Universities focused on indoor air quality found that employees performed better in a simulated environment where ventilation was improved compared to typical office conditioning.

The results showed that employees performed up to 61% better on cognitive tasks and employees had 30% fewer headaches. The research also has shown that workers slept better at night (this was tracked by wristbands measuring sleep quality).

Clients/Visitors/Customers Appreciate It

If you have visitors visiting your business you want to create the perfect first impression. If your visitors turn up and it feels like their walking into a chiller or an oven when they arrive, how do you think that first impression will go? Inviting your visitors to a temperature-controlled environment will help to improve your visitor’s impression of you and your business which in turn can help your business to grow.


Benefit of air conditioning for your business is saving money

Let’s look beyond the initial installation cost here. We do get business owners to say they think the running costs of air conditioning is too much. So we ask how they cool the office during the summer? How they warm the office during the winter? The answers to these questions are formally portable fans and portable heaters.

Comparing the running cost of an air-con system to one fan, there’s only going to be one winner. But how many fans would you need to have running to keep all your staff happy? How many heaters would you need to keep your staff warm? Air conditioning systems can cool/heat a large area of space and all that work within.

As long as you then keep to a regular service plan (we recommend annually unless you work in a very dusty environment or somewhere like a hair salon where sprays are used to which we recommend every six months) your costs are kept to a minimum.

Improves Security

Benefit of air conditioning for your business is improving security

How do you currently cool the office during the summer? If not by fans you might open windows and doors. Not only does this then increase the noise in your workplace but what would happen if a window was left open overnight? This would be a serious breach of security. All this can be avoided by having an air conditioning system installed.

Go Green

Benefit of air conditioning for your business is going green

There’s a big push for companies to Go Green currently, from recycling to going paperless. If there’s anything you can do to help the planet, it looks good on your business if you’re doing this. Another step to Going Green you can take is to use air conditioning for your heating and cooling instead of gas and oil. There’s still a large number of companies still using these heating methods, air conditioning is cheaper and better for the environment than both of these options.

Aid Employee Health

We’ve already touched upon this but we feel this is the biggest benefit of them all and this one benefit will help lead into the majority of the other benefits listed above.

Being a business owner, we feel the wellbeing of your employees is paramount. Where would your business be without your employees? If your employees are happy in their working environment and in good health, they will turn up for work and will be productive while there. A happy and productive workforce will make better decisions, get things done quicker thus all leading to your business to increase its revenue.

If you were to take one benefit away from this post, this is the one to remember.


As per the Money Saving benefit, we always hear from business owners that there worried about the cost of getting air conditioning installed for their business. Unfortunately, we can’t just give you a price over the phone as ideally, we would need to visit your business to measure up to see what air conditioning system would be best suited for your needs. In order to arrange a free site survey, please fill in our Free Site Survey request form.

If you would like to speak to Herts Air Conditioning regarding any of the above, or any other matters then please call 01438 986008 or email us at sales@hertsaircon.co.uk