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Air Conditioning For A Listed Building

Herts Air Conditioning now offers Air Conditioning For A Listed Building

Have you been searching for an air conditioning system for a listed building or apartment? After months of research we have come across an internal air conditioning system that is specifically produced for use for:

  • Listed Buildings
  • Apartments
  • Conservation Areas
  • Other Scenarios

These systems are water based and offers a cool function to keep your property interior cool this summer. There is no need for an outdoor unit so these systems are perfect for listed buildings as they require no drilling into external walls etc.

The benefits of these systems are:

  • No outdoor unit as already discussed
  • Compact Design
  • Can be connected to public water network
  • Water flow protected by pressure valve
  • High pressure switch with manual reset
  • Super quiet
  • Can be connected to recycled or lost water systems

We recently completed an installation of one of this water based systems in Mayfair London in a empty office. The main unit can be hidden is an airing cupboard or an empty cupboard out of the way.

Pictures from this installation can be found in our Client Gallery

Like our conventional air conditioning systems we install, you can choose a single room or you can have two or three rooms fitted to one main unit. We can also offer a number of sizes and we can advise depending on the size of room(s) your looking to keep cool.

We will be posting more information regarding these systems over the next couple of weeks.

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With our domestic 2.5kw air conditioning systems starting from just £920, you can heat/cool your home for a lot less than you think.

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